making employee recognition free

making work fun and engaging

making the world a happier place

workplayce is a mobile recognition platform that uses contests to engage employees

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employee recognition at no cost


contests that will engage your employees


real-time communication that is effective


Create a culture of ongoing recognition.

On the spot recognition that allows you to recognize the performance of peers, colleagues, direct and indirect reports as well as those from different organization.  Recognition can be given anytime to from anyone at anytime with no restrictions.


Gain insights and expertise from others.

A one stop platform that allows you to work with others on projects and assignments in a fun and collaborative manner.  Generate ideas and solutions from others by posing questions, assign tasks and deadlines and always stay on track by receiving status updates.


Inspire and motivate to achieve success.

Participate in fun and exciting contest that makes the work environment and the work we do engaging.  Increase knowledge,  get things done, and increase sales and service by initiating various contests on our platform.


Celebrate success and achievement.

Receive meaningful rewards for displaying outstanding performance.  By participating and excelling in the various contests, receive instant monetary rewards you can use to cash out, give to others or invest. 


Stay connected with your team.

Communicate and interact with others you work with in a fun, social and streamlined way.  Schedule announcements, set notifications and communicate with anyone you work with on work related topics either publicly or privately. 

Performance Metrics

Measure your performance.

Receive ongoing performance feedback on how you and others are doing in relation to recognition and other performance indicators.  Real time results allows you and others to quickly adapt in order to maximize performance.


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Our mission is to make people happy while they work.
Workplayce strives to create engagement throughout an entire organization to maximize employee’s productivity.